Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July outfits!

4th of July outfits!

Have fun with the 4th!  Whether its dressy, casual, or in-between....there are always options.

Here are the options that I find to be the most fun and the easiest:

 be patriotic...american flag shorts, shirts, shoes...go for it!  I think bar-b-qs are the most acceptable time to pull out your obnoxious stuff and have fun.  also, perfect time for your cute flats

my favorite thing to do on the 4th for a dressy function is to stick with white.  i always think white is the best template to start with...especially if you have two intense colors to chose from, red and blue.  choose whichever your heart desires!  i chose blue here, i tend to lean more towards cool colors, but red is rockin too.  add accessories in the color you i put a blue clutch, blue necklace, and blue heels.  I've always thought this look gets the point across without being too in your face.

wear your denim....perfect time for ACTUAL BLUE jeans.  throw on a white top and keep it simple with red lipstick or gloss, and any of the shoes mentioned.  depending on where you are going, you can put one of the white flats with it or go for the blue heels

have a fabulous holiday everyone! and Happy Birthday America

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