Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little DIY Before President's Weekend

We are all for anything that organizes our lives a little bit.  Especially involving our ever-evolving wardrobe and accessories!

We came up with a thrifty way of organizing our rings that will only cost you the price of a carton of eggs.

Here's the guidelines:

Supplies needed--
1. Fabric Scissors
2. Piece of Jersey fabric
3. Paper Cement glue--something like this works fine
4. Egg carton (top cut off)

Step 1--
Using your fabric scissors cut your fabric in 3 inch long squares
(You will probably end up only needing 6 of these squares in total)

Step 2--
With your 3 inch long squares cut, fold it in half (raw edges together), then cut in half

Step 3--
Cut these pieces in half, glue them together and also glue the bottom of the fully formed piece pasting it inside each egg cartridge



Hopes this inspires you a bit

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Addition To The Family

Matt & Nat Marvel Satchel

I have a unhealthy relationship with cross body bags.  If I see one in a print, unique fabrication, or bold color, I just have to have it!

I guess we all have our own guilty pleasures mine happens to be purely sartorial.


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