Thursday, February 9, 2012

Newest Beauty Must-Haves: Mary Margaret







1.) Chanel Inimitable Mascara - my lashes have no curl to them.  Literally I think they stick straight out.  The other day I went a department store in search of the perfect mascara.  I went to several counters and had them do demonstrations on me.  After Chanel, I was sold.  The best curl, the best hold, and the best wand.  I highly recommend it.

2.) Bobbi Brown has a new liquid eyeliner in their Spring Collection.  I have always loved the look that liquid eyeliner gives, but I never have a steady enough hand.  If you can hold a pen, you can use this one!  No re-dipping and easy to grasp.  

3.) I have recently learned to curl my hair (yes, it took me 23 years to figure it out).  My hairdresser recommended this Conair curling iron and I love it.  Plus,  it is an amazing price! (pretty much any drugstore)

4.) Stella Nude by Stella McCartney - the most amazing spring fragrance.  Love at first smell.

5.) Scott Barnes Bronzer - Amazing bronzer with gold particles in it...need I say more? (sold at Bath & Body Works)

6.)  Michael Kors Shimmer Stick - it is almost dress season, and although I am going to try and get tan this summer, I will never have that shiny thing going on on my legs that the celebs have.  Look no further!  Michael Kors makes these shimmer sticks that one, smell amazing...and two, give you that shiny/glowy thing I have always wanted.  I got mine at sephora and I have had it for years.

ENJOYYY!!! Mary Margaret

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