Wednesday, December 29, 2010

VonLace does Winter

1.) This mustard tank is a great piece for your winter wardrobe. Yes, it may seem like a basic tank, but a good shade of mustard is extremely hard to come by, and we both adore the shad of this one. Not too yellow and not too seems as though a hint of camel is showing through and that makes it all the more divine!

2.) A gray cardigan is a must have this season. Try finding one with the drapey collar, it can really make the difference in your outfit. Not only does this cardi add a layer of warmth, but the collar is practically made to go with a leather jacket. Take your leather jacket and pull the collar of the cardi out so that it drapes around the sides of the jacket. This adds a whole new dimension to a normal look and looks amazing!!

3.) Here is the leather that we were talking about. It is important to get a leather that is not too asymmetrical...a center (or close to center) zipper is key to rocking the cardi/leather look. This one is nice because it has the draped collar as well...this way the jacket wont be fighting with the drapes of the sweater.

4.) White after labor day...IS SOOO IN!! There is nothing cuter than wearing white in the snow. A white mini is perfect with a pair of black tights or fleece lined leggings (depending on the temperature). The thing to look for when finding a white skirt for winter is texture. Without texture it is too close to looking like a tennis skirt...cute, but not a good look for the snow. 

5.) A rust colored bag is a must have for this season. The best part about this color is that it can go with black, brown, gray, tan, etc. You name it! Make sure that the bag has two straps...a long one and a short one. Having the option to choose how you wear the bag is key to comfort and style. We love the detail on this bag...not too much, but enough to not be boring. 

6.) ALPINE!!! It's back, and with full force! The cute snowflake pattern is perfect to pair with any outfit. Make sure to choose a black base so that you can dress it up or down, pairing it with jeans and a tee or with a LBD! There is no other time that you can rock a snowflake patterned scarf, so do it now, while the snow is out and the trend is in!

7.) Tortoise shell shades are the perfect look for this winter. Aside from the fact that tortoise shell can be worn year round (making this a worthwhile investment), the shape of these glasses is sure to turn heads. Its just the right amount of fashion without being too trendy. These shades are sure to last you for years to come!

8.) Shearling...shearling vests, shearling jackets, and OMG shearling shoes!! Every working girl wants to rock a cute heel, but how hard is it to find a heel that works in the snow. Look no farther...a shearling heel is the best (and cutest) way to rock a cute heel, that is fashion forward, and WARM! The best part? They are able to be dressed up or down, leaving no room for over spending when it comes to shoes this season.

9.) Mixing silver and gold is one of our favorite things to do, no matter the season. A dainty silver necklace that hits right at the collar bone is perfect for everyday use. It is the kind of thing you never have to (and never want to) take off. Pair this with an awesome gold chain, like this one, and don't forget to add a pop of color. We both die for this turquoise necklace...with its multi-colored stone and edgy frame, you cannot go wrong. Pairing these items with the mustard tank, sweater, and leather, is sure to bring your outfit together.

10.) Never forget earrings! There is nothing more feminine and sexy than a pair of dangly earrings. We chose this gold/bronze pair to pull the outfit together. It is important to find the right don't want them so big that they overpower the outfit, but big enough to be seen through your hair.

11.) There is nothing more important than taking care of your skin...with the harsh winds and sudden change in temperatures, it can be hard to do. We both picked our favorite face cream to get us through the winter. The Clinique lotion is perfect for dry skin, it doesn't get oily and it soaks into the skin so nicely, its almost as if you never applied a creamy lotion to the face. The Philosophy face cream is perfect for those with combination skin. It locks in moisture and hydrates your skin in harsh winter conditions. One of our favorite things about this product is that it helps you achieve a dewy complexion that lasts all day! 

12.) Pink lipstick is the perfect way to take you from day to night. Of course we love the red lip, but it can be a bit much during the day, making this pink lipstick by MAC, the perfect go to item. 

13.) Nail polish can really make the outfit, and we chose our two favorite shades for this season. Gold is perfect for formal events and going literally goes with everything and its an easy shade to wear. A deep chocolate brown is what we are really lusting over at the moment...make sure to find one with a bit of sparkle, and have fun! Wearing dark colors is fun, but who wants to wear black anymore? Mix it up with a chocolaty brown and you wont be disappointed!

Jenny and Mary-Margaret

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